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Dr. abdulaziz Aldaej
Chairman of Board of Directors
Dr. Fawaz Alshihri
Chief Executive Officer


Focusing on the work between b2b, this platform is concerned with commercial mediation between the factories and the business sectors. It provides an excellent opportunity for business development and solving traditional problems of supply and marketing. The platform also provides logistical solutions at competitive prices with multiple options.
With the exacerbation of the need for electronic commerce, this sector is one of the most professional, technical and efficient business disciplines. It is irrespective of its importance and economic feasibility or the level of the business sector or individuals.
In order to achieve professionalism in technical practice in e-commerce, the work must be done in collaboration with a technical partner having sufficient competence, experience and professionalism. Moreover, the latest theories of change and modern organisational development depend on working according to a flexible and effective modern system.
It is indeed what has been provided in the platform of any merchant, which operates according to the strategy of implementing the Arab common market, aiming to raise the volume of inter-Arab exchange to reach an advanced Arab economy.
The platform was based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia due to the economic dimension that the Kingdom represents.
Effective and influential on both the Arab and international levels, the platform focuses on expanding the scope of B2B business and developing the Arab industrial sector by developing solutions in supply and marketing. Here, the platform plays a crucial role as a professional mediator. For example, marketing for factory products, avoiding traditional mistakes in supply and marketing, providing periodic accounting and statistical information to factories, technical assistance in linking the factory to the platform, and factories to a network of local, Arab and international markets.
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