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Constitutive meeting of the Arab Federation for development and economic integration

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Honorary President

Mr. Abdul Aziz Aldaej

The General Secretary

Dr.Ahmad Aljanabi


The President

Dr.Fawaz Alshihre

The Honorary President speech

Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds. When he provides a specific service to a person, it is one of the causes of human happiness and this happiness increases whenever he sees its impact. This service touches the happiness of others, and the greatest happiness is when that service to all humanity is in line with the human instinct that depends on cooperation and integration. Here the following goals of the Arab Union are achieved. First, for development and economic integration based on the development and revitalisation of work between economic entities in one country, then between the countries in the Arab region. Finally, the goal to develop an integration between the countries of the Arab region as a single entity and all countries of the world. How happy I am to work with a prominent constellation of fragrant biographers, accumulated experiences and outstanding achievements reflected in the building and establishment of this union. I am honoured today with its honorary presidency.

The founders of this union built a strong entity in which they set goals and made efforts until the union reached an advanced stage. Today I especially mention that the first union was Dr. Fawaz bin Muhammad al-Shehri, president of the Arab Union for Development and Economic Integration. Al-Arabi for Development and Economic Integration exerted a lot of time and effort until it became the icon of the union and displayed its prominent presence. Also, thanks are due to all of the fellow brothers who contributed. I call the attention of the esteemed readers to the fact that joint Arab economic action is a requirement for economic development and economic integration, whether in the same country or among the countries of the same region or between them and the countries of the world. Everyone displays what he owns and buys what he needs. This interaction necessitates communication with international partners and benefits from the prospects of the digital economy. Moreover, it is the future of unifying efforts and economic entities and their impact on well-being, economic development and living security.

God honored us with the great Arab nation to serve through this developmental structure which we find, Our selfs, with the great name and function to respond to the immense need for concerted Arab efforts and integration.

The Arab world has a wealth of capabilities and these will enable it to rise up and compete with the developed countries. We have no lack of money or intellectual resources and all we need is the intention and sincerity to work in integration.

The founder of the Union speech

Who We Are

The Arab Union for Development, Integration and Economics is an Arab organization working within the scope of the Arab Economic Unity Council, emanating from the Arab League, and the Union is run from its Cairo headquarters.

The Union aims overall to accelerate the pace of sustainable Arab development approaches, through a number of sub-goals. Almtzmnh assists in effective Arab economic policy-making and in implementing the Arab League’s efforts to free Arab trade zone decisions, because the volume of Arab trade is high, and is placed within an integrative and developmentally meaningful and effective Arab plan in order to build an integrated Arab economy, a regional and global competitor and to raise the standard of living and well-being at the level of the Arab citizen.

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