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First establishment meeting of Arab Union for Development and Economic Integration

January 15, 2017

First establishment meeting of Arab Union for Development and Economic Integration was held in Four Seasons Hotel in Cairo, dated 15/5/2016, in the presence of Formal Prime Minister Professor Esam

Sharaf, His Excellency Secretary of the Council of Arab Economic Unity and a number of businessmen. The conference included the presentation of three developmental projects as follows:

· First: the project of European commissioner Davis Heskith who presented his experience with British Ministry of Commerce to activate the role of export of 150 small British establishments. He presented his successful experience and proposed his project which contained three stages of Arab-Arab and Arab-international trade development through the activation of national economic activities in one Arab state, then in all Arab states, then activities between Arab state and world states under a clear plan and a programme.

· Second: the project of Professor Mohamed Bin Dalim Alkahtany, author of Arab Economic Development and Integration book. He proposed important steps to activate development programmes and the most important factors that lead to increasing Arab trade. He also explained some obstacles facing the projects and some solutions that lead to the development of Arab intraregional exports, and linked the project with the 2030 Saudi, Egyptian and Emirati view.

· Third: the project of economic and developmental researcher Hani Akl who presented a project consisted of 173 pages summarizing the view, aims and message of the Union, and strength components of Arab developmental environment. It also contained comprehensive survey of modern developmental projects, methods of benefiting from UN developmental projects, and ways of connecting such projects with Arab development requirements.

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