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The aims of the union 


First: in the economic development pathway, the union has the following aims: 

  • First aim: revitalization of the relations between Arab economic entities and Arab private sector regarding economic development projects. 

      Mechanism: establishing workshop sessions between Arab economic entities (economic affairs sector in the                    League of the Arab States and the Council of Arab Economic Unity) and the private sector. 

           -  Highlighting the positive outcomes resulting from upgrading the relations and coordination, and                                     highlighting the successful real-life role models. 

           - The desirable result: upgrading coordination, conviction and compliance of Arab private sector for the                             purpose of promoting the policies aiming at economic development. This can help achieve the noble                               goals of the League of Arab States and Council of Arab Economic Unity. 


  • Second aim: assisting the Arab private sector to find solutions for the problems hindering the execution                  of economic development decisions and the development requirements issued by the League of Arab                      States and Council of Arab Economic Unity. 

      Mechanism: undertaking studies and researches in order to determine the reasons and factors hindering the                  execution of economic development decisions and essential requirements issued by League of Arab States and              Council of Arab Economic Unity and making appropriate recommendations to remove all obstacles. 

          - Organizing activities and events contributing to upgrading awareness of Arab private sector through                               providing recommendations and results included in the previous mechanism for decision-makers in the                        Arab economic field. 

          - The desirable result: the execution of decisions and requirements of the economic development issued by                       the Arab League and relevant entities would lead to accelerating economic growth as a whole, achieving                         public welfare, raising per capita income and decreasing the effects of economic recession. Such effects                           include high levels of unemployment and negative social phenomena, including, but not limited to,                                   children labor, high levels of illiteracy and crimes of all kinds. 


  • Third aim: searching for the best successful international experiences concerning economic development and transferring them to the Arab world. 

      Mechanism: building a network of professional relations with economic and developmental entities in developed            countries and transferring the best of their experiences to the Arab world. 

         - Such experiences shall be activated and transferred on the ground through awareness and effective                                communication with decision makers through repeated occasions of the Union. 

         - Desirable results: increasing production capacity of the Arab private sector and achieving economic                                  recovery. 

         - Increasing rates of highly trained Arab cadres and decreasing unemployment rates. 

         - Saving wasted time, effort and money by following traditional methods and adopting modern methods                          instead of them. 


Second: in the economic integration pathway, the union has the following aims: 

  • Fourth aim: encouraging investment in Arab natural and human resources, which increase the opportunities for Arab economic integration. 

      Mechanism: undertaking economic feasibility studies in the field of investment in natural and human resources              and providing them to the Arab private sector. 

        - Organizing activities, which focus on investment in the exploitation of Arab natural and human resources. 

        - Desirable results: depending on Arab natural and human resources in order to reach self-sustainment. 

        - Obtaining a framework, which could serve as an Arab road map for the consolidation of integration                                 efforts in such field. 

        - Reserving Arab funds and capabilities in the Arab region as such capabilities contribute to increasing rates                     of growth and Arab cash reserve. 


  • Fifth aim: preparing common standards for Arab economic professions. 

      Mechanism: calculating/determining economic professions in the Arab world through coordination with                          concerned ministries and relevant entities (ministries of manpower and ministries of social affairs and labor), and          suggesting the minimum amount of qualifications and competencies required for such professions. 

      Desirable results: facilitating the mission of acquiring Arab workers in a fast and appropriate way through                      professional standards prepared previously, and exploiting its positive effects for saving the efforts, time and                  money of employers and Arab working cadres. 

       - Decreasing Arab unemployment rates. 

       - Raising the quality of the training of Arab youth through the exploitation of experiences gained from work. 

       - preventing Arab cash leaking caused by massive cash transfers performed by foreign workers, which                                contribute to decreasing cash reserve and burden economy. 

       - Achieving one of the components of Arab economic integration, which is the human component. 


  • Sixth aim: searching for the best investment opportunities that add an Arab economic value and providing them for the Arab private sector. 

      Mechanism: reviewing and evaluating Arab investment opportunities presented periodically by Arab commercial            and industrial chambers and providing them for the Arab private sector. 

      Desirable results: protecting time, effort and economic money wasted in searching for new less valuable                          investment opportunities, which may cause the absence of already existent investment opportunities that may have        integration and developmental contribution. Such contribution is not only beneficial for one of the Arab countries        but also beneficial for more than one country. 

      Directing projects towards integration dimension will lead to establishing a strong Arab economic entity that may          serve as a bulwark against economic catastrophes.

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