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Establishment of the Union

  • 23/12/2014 In meeting with leading figures in the western sector of the city of Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafrah, events involved meeting with a number of decision-makers and attending their discussion. 

  • On 12.25.2014, The team traveled to the State of Bahrain. This was a meeting with his Highness Sheikh Nasser Al-Khalifa, dining with his Highness and to consult with him on the possibility of establishing an Arab Union. His Highness suggested that the organization should visit again to meet with the distinguished Crown and a number of economists, and stated his happiness to deepen the experience and benefit from it. 


  • On 14.04.2015, an official meeting was held with His Excellency the Secretary General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity Ambassador / Mohamed Mohamed Spring and had a very fruitful meeting, discussing topics widely and asking for some perceptions about the possibility of the launch of the official work of the Union of Arab integrative development. He welcomed the idea and supported it, and gave us some proposals and an official work plan by which to establish the Union in the light of the Arab Economic Unity Council. 


  • The first constituent meeting and conference was held on the founding date of 15/05/2016. 


  • On 14/11/2016, The Union project has been at the XLV meeting in Fujairah, a meeting with a quality specialist working within the Unity Council in Fujairah unions under the auspices of the governor of Fujairah, His Excellency Mr. Omar Marina and Secretary of the Arab Economic Unity Council. 


  • On 3/12/2016, the delegation of the Union attended the ministerial session no. 103 held in Cairo. 

  • The delegation of the Union participated in the 4th Arab Housing Conference held in Riyadh in 20/12/2016. 


  • In 20/4/2018, the Union organized the conference of food gap in Arab commodity, which resulted in the declaration of seven important studies to solve such problem. 


  • In 25/5/2017, the decision of Arab ministerial session no. 104 held in Cairo, was issued to approve establishing the Arab Union for economic development and integration.

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